BİRARADA Association was established in August 2018 by the signatories of the Peace Statement, titled “We Will Not Be A Party To This Crime” which went public on January 11, 2016. The statement called on the Turkish state to stop using violence over civilians in Kurdish cities. Since the day the statement went public, the signatories had to endure many attacks. Hundreds of them have been dismissed from their jobs, their passports have been canceled, they were cast-out the job market prevented from finding jobs, several of them were physically and verbally threatened, some of them were taken into custody, four of them who read a press statement declaring these violations were imprisoned and they all faced trials. Currently, all the signatories are acquitted of these cases but still robbed from the right to work in the public sector through governmental decrees. Recently, their pleas to the State of Emergency Commission for the reversal of the dismissal decrees have been rejected without any legitimate reason. Under the conditions of “civil death”, the academics came together more than once to discuss alternative forms of solidarity and pursue alternative modes of knowledge production. These solidarity initiatives – namely Solidarity Academies – formed in different regions of the country are as follows: Eskişehir Solidarity Lessons, Kampüssüzler (Academics With No Campus), Kocaeli Solidarity Academy (KODA), Praksis Solidarity Courses, Mersin Solidarity Academy, Dersim Academy, İzmir Solidarity Academy (İDA), Ankara Street Academy, Ankara Solidarity Academy (ADA), Antalya Solidarity Academy (AnDA), Mardin Solidarity Academy and BİRARADA.