Our goal, aim and principles


BİRARADA’s targets a democratic and peaceful world where scientific and critical knowledge is produced for the benefit of society and nature and is equally accessible to everyone.


BİRARADA envisages another academia, beyond the universities, and aims at producing and sharing knowledge in that respect. It forms and coordinates communication and cooperation mechanisms among academics, graduate students, independent researchers and solidarity groups of academics who share the dream of egalitarian and critical academia.


BİRARADA defines itself as an organization that aims at critical, interdisciplinary, holistic knowledge production; ensuring easy and egalitarian access to knowledge, and the protection of academic freedom under any circumstances. In this context, the Association embraces the following values and principles in its activities. It expects all its members to promote and adopt the same values and principles:

  • Standing against all kinds of discrimination and violence based on gender and gender identity, ethnicity, belief, class, age and disability.
  • Secularism, Egalitarianism, Freedom
  • Freedom of expression
  • Horizontal organization
  • Solidarity
  • Plurality and Participation
  • Transparency and Accountability