Research Approach

The Research Approach of BİRARADA Institute

The Research to be done at BİRARADA Institute is carried out with the awareness that we are in and a part of nature, as well as with the responsibility of understanding nature, living in harmony with all living species, and producing scientific, creative, reflexive and refutable solutions to existing problems in favor of nature and society.

The research, which is the product of a collective effort aiming at producing critical, relational and holistic knowledge through a trans/supradisciplinary approach, is designed to serve the target of “Another Academy”.

While producing knowledge within the framework of “Another Academy”, the benefit of the whole society, especially of those who are in the sphere of influence of that knowledge, is taken into consideration and responsibility is always assumed for this act. When knowledge is produced from a participatory and critical point of view, people in the sphere of influence will benefit more. In this sense, a participatory and critical/ inquiring approach is indispensable for “Another Academy”.