Research Principles

The Research Principles of BİRARADA Institute

-In all processes concerning the design, practicing and sharing of research to be carried out within the BİRARADA Institute; to take a stance in favor of fundamental rights and freedoms, gender equality, peace, social justice, and democracy, and against all forms of discrimination, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ecological slaughter and exploitation.

– To conduct research that is appropriate for social benefit and compatible with nature, to inform the public about research findings and to issue warnings about possible harmful practices, to be against the production and dissemination of knowledge at the request of certain interest groups.

– To promote critical perspectives and approaches.

– To minimize risk and harm in research on humans and animals (all living species) and to act in accordance with current universal ethical principles and rules concerning humans and animals. Not to neglect, nevertheless, the fact that these principles and rules ought also to be questionable and updatable.

-To design interdisciplinary research that strengthens the ecological justice and equality approach open to a transdisciplinary approach.

-To envision the research process as a process of “awareness” and “empowerment” for all participating subjects. To inform those who are directly or indirectly affected by the results of the research about the findings of the research. Giving subjects guarantees about pertinent information at the start of the research; not forcing them to take any action they do not want to; and granting them the right to withdraw their contributions to the research content whenever they want. To specify all these in a written consent form and to have it signed by the parties.